Doom Metal Front (Mar. 2018)

Hamburg-based SWAMP CORPSE blow ultra-brutal, drone-like oscillating sludge/death doom metal off the speakers somehow reminiscent of Autopsy’s ‚Acts of the Unspeakable‘. But this ‚Bone Mill‘ is crushing radically and kicking asses without using any sort of vintage gear – a bludgeoning feast of crawling destruction and distortion! For fans of extrem doom metal à la Burning Witch, Khanate and Grief!

Rotation 11 (Mar. 2018)

Swamp Corpse is exactly how you think it would sound; acid-laced sludge coated with a layers of black metal and doom. The foursome from Germany love to mess around with smoked-filled feedback that will scrape the paint off your walls. Just check out “Carnal Cloak of Dignity,” this track exemplifies their use of feedback, it is eight and a half minutes of bludgeoning sludge with no mercy. The vocals take on a hazy Black metal tone, they are grinding to the core and really emphasize the name Swamp Corpse. Fans of Black metal and sludge will love this, Bone Mill is not for the faint of heart as Swamp Corpse never stray from their funeral sludge onslaught.

Sludgelord (Oct. 2011)

SWAMP CORPSE are a 3 Piece Sludge Metal band from Germany

The members are:

Timo – Contorted Pulse (Drums)
Mirko – Gloomy Tunes (Guitar)
Markus – Misery and Agression & Grinding Bass Legacy (Vocals & Bass)

SWAMP CORPSE play Sludge Metal music the way it should be played. Loud, Heavy and full of thick Sludge Metal Riffs to shatter the senses to.

Their music is played at a slow down-beat tempo with added bleak hardcore based metal vocals. This is bleak down-tempo Sludge Music that old school Sludge Metal Bands used to play.

So if your looking for something light. This ain’t it. This is for the bleak sludge metallers out there. Well if that has got your attention you will find much to admire or despair here.

The guitars are played slow and at a dirge ridden down-tempo level.

Their newly released Demo is 3 songs long at about 28 mins in length. The EP is not the best produced but it does showcase what the band does so well. Bleak Sludge Metal with pounding riffs from start to finish.

Definitely another great band to keep an eye on. Full of bleak sludge metal riffs and vocals to match. I hope these guys release more quality songs like this as this really does get the heart flow pumping. Especially on the 11 minute epic track “Death”

If your into THOU then you will seriously dig these guys.

Great Work Guys. Highly Recommended.